National and county data – Budapest

Comparison of main data by territorries and main characteristics

Summary tables on the main data of the capital and the planning-statistical regions, on the changes in the most important characteristics in the demographic, employment, household, family and housing processes.


1  Retrospective data

Main data of the previous censuses according to the concepts and territorial division of the 2001 census compared to the data of the last census.

2  Detailed data

Description of the demographic, employment, household and family as well as dwellings and building situation of the capital with combined tables.

3  Data by districts

Combination tables enabling the analysis and comparison of the data on the different districts.

4  Data on districts

Data partially condensed in content in territorially detailed presentation.

Charts, cartograms


Main data on the capital on colour printed charts.


Main data on the capital by districts on coloured cartograms.

County selection