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Gazetteer of the Republic of Hungary
1st of January, 2010

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Sept 1, 2010


Publications and data of the Population Census 2001

The volumes of the census published in printed or electronic form. The numbers preceding the titles of the volumes correspond to the numbers of the printed Hungarian publications. The volumes not shown are either not significant or not translated into English.

Explanation of the concepts used

Description of the definitions, concepts and expressions applied by the census.

Other publications

Besides disseminating the information on the Hungarian censuses the Census Department of the HCSO is responsible for releasing i.e. publishing all the information derived from its regular data collection and for disseminating the census data required by the international organisations.

Short summary of the Population Census 2001

The Population Census 2001 is the 14th since the establishment of the Hungarian Central Statistical Office. International recommendations and 130 years of experience were taken into consideration during its preparation, which began in 1996.

Questionnaires of the Population Census 2001
Personal questionnaires
on different languages.
Dwelling questionnaires
on different languages.

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